It’s taken me a long time to come on social media and declare what I’m about to …

It’s taken me a long time to come on social media and declare what I’m about to say. Apologies to any texts / calls I haven’t responded too over the past week. I haven’t had it in me to face the harsh reality or fully take in what has actually happened so soon.
I physically can’t believe I am writing this Grandma it’s breaking my heart 😭💔 but now feels the right time when I can’t get you off my mind the most ❤️
My dear, sweet, beloved Grandma Veronica Heslop unexpectedly passed away on Monday 11th May 💔
A day what changed me as a person & I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. I was with you by your bedside right until the very end with the full family & priest, praying for you until I watched you take your very last breath 😭💔 Something I never ever thought I’d experience in my whole life 😭😭😭 My heart is shattered into a thousand pieces 😭💔 nobody will ever understand the pain and torture it causes inside until they loose a family member so severely close to them 💔 My life won’t ever be the same again without you Grandma, I keep hoping it’s a bad dream and you’ll suddenly walk through my door 😔❤️
My Grandma was my absolute world and still is 🌍 she was my only Grandma! 💔 I classed her as a mother figure – growing up I never had that close mother / daughter bond with my mam. You done everything and more for me since the day I was born. You had me every single day from been a baby until the age of 16. I lived with you during school. When I did move out, I still stayed at yours frequently, you only lived a 2 minute drive away from my house ❤️
I spent every Birthday / Christmas / Mother’s Day / Family occasion with you. You took me on holiday to Portugal / Spain & Seahouses each year. You always spoilt me with presents and money, even now at the age of 25!
I’ll never forget your homemade cauliflower cheese you made every Thursday, it was the best one I’d tasted on this planet, not forgetting your lush homemade chips 💛
I’ll never forget all the cute things you made me when I was younger like weetabix with all my favourite fruit toppings and dipping a banana into a bowl of sugar 😂 I’ll never forget the sound of your voice and you singing to