I met Alber in France as a 15 year old, living far away from my family for the v…

I met Alber in France as a 15 year old, living far away from my family for the very first time. I was his intern, and he always treated me with unfailing kindness, respect and love. I remember being so struck by the quality of his loving and how it infused his creative process and his interactions with every single person he met.

Since that time I have felt nothing but privileged to know Alber, to know Alex and to see the creative genius he expressed with humility, appreciation and grace.

In February I got to accompany my mom to Paris and one of the highlights of that trip was seeing Alber for the first time in years. He wanted me to try on this gorgeous red dress and was so excited that I felt good enough in it to bounce around and express my joy, because he loved women and wanted them to feel joyous and free in their bodies!

We didn’t know then that that would be the last time we got to see our beloved Alber.
I knew when we attended his exquisite memorial show last week that this is the dress I would wear in honor of that moment.

Very few people could bring so many designers together and unite them in a common cause of love and it brought tears to my eyes knowing that each designer took the time to honor him in their own way. I feel so extremely grateful that I had the profound pleasure of having Alber in my life. As my mom said, I know that my life is better for having had Alber in it. Love creates more love.