Album Liner notes- Old Memories This song had a special genesis. It started in…

Album Liner notes- Old Memories 🎶🎤🎧

This song had a special genesis. It started in a room with a piano like most of my best songs do. I was sitting with my sister @nataliehemby, the phenomenal artist and songwriter, and we were listening to great music and talking about memories and how they haunt us.

The lyrics started to flow from some chords I was messing with a few days prior. I programmed the drums and my brother @adamblackstone put upright bass on it because I really wanted to create a sonic with the upright bass on this album.

One of my favorite parts was when my sister, music partner, and engineer @anntasticlv created this amazing vocal tone. It was vintage and modern at the same time and totally me! I fell in love with it and we actually recorded it down just like that!

As it started to develop we knew it was something special‼️‼️‼️ @therealswizzz came in and said it sounded like a song from my first album. “THATS A COPYRIGHT!!” he said. A lot of people say that about this #KEYS album. I love that. Because it is a homecoming to me.

Everything about this song is special
Even when we did the video with @sylvia.zakhary & @singjlee, that portion of the video showed a curious little Alicia played by @ayah_blake trying to figure out who I am only to find out later that I am actually her years later. It represents the power we have, left to us by those who came before us. And the memories. WOW. I LOVE IT.

As @mikewillmadeit and I started to develop the Unlocked side of Old Memories we were really exploring how could we bring a new life to it. Mike brought that bounce and I connected with @jacobcollier to do some writing and while we were vibing and listening to music he said let me jump on the keys. We added magic to that intro and the new piano part to Old Memories Unlocked.

This song will live forever!

Big love to all the creatives who were a part of this beautiful piece of music! Everyone I mentioned above as well as @jaycenjoshua @high__0ctane @fireworksessplode