A very special post today to express fathomless gratitude to the divine beings w…

A very special post today to express fathomless gratitude to the divine beings who brought this visual feast to life!
A few years ago I met @nickygiraffe and @julianagiraffe and I was so in awe of their artistry, their unique and magical view of the world and how creatively prolific they were. I’m completely enamored with their brains and hearts, and I feel so privileged to both work with them and count them as dear friends! They understood the vulnerability and tenderness of creating such an intimate portrait and what it means to step forward in the world as a female artist.
The visual eloquence they brought to this video breaks the heart and then mends it again. And as like calls to like they pulled in the most magnificent group of individuals to work on this video and there was such a heady atmosphere of magic on set that day!
There will never be enough words to express the gratitude that I have for this immensely talented and loving group!
Produced by @giraffestudios
Directors/alchemists @julianagiraffe @nickygiraffe
Hair wizardry/saving the day- @beautybyberenz
dewiest skin magic, makeup and tender body oiling!- @stephanienicolesmith
Cinematographer extraordinaire, lighting genius – @adrielgonzalezdp
First Ac brilliance- @denzemtsov
Mural painting, wardrobe and love – @monica_adriana
Assistant to the directors and all around truly wonderful human – @duktheband
Art assistant and art creator spectacular – @salvador_charli
Most Generous friend and loaner of magnificent head prop – @shopnfs
Lush coloring – @aleks.color
Editing assistance and saving the day- @silverlakecowgirl
For bringing grandma to set and sticking around to love me with your whole heart – @jakelele
And the most fervent and special thank you to Lucas the swan who was so kind and bucked every rumor I’d ever heard about swans!!!